Dendrobium Melon Red Lip Orchid – Seedling

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170.00200.00 (-15%)


Orchids have gorgeous flowers that are relatively easy to grow, with a long central stem and attractive bouquets that can last up to four weeks. Dendrobium Melon Red Lip orchid blooms delicately and is an evergreen plant with hard reeds. Its life cycle includes three stages, including the flowering period (from winter to spring), the growing period (from summer to autumn) and the dormant period (from late autumn to winter).

Common Name Dendrobium Orchid
Family Orchidaceae
Subfamily Epidendroideae
Maximum Height Up to 3 ft
Bloom Time Winter, Spring, Summer
Difficulty Level Easy to Grow

Dendrobium Melon Red Lip Orchid Planting and care

  • Repot the plant as it grows and invades the container, the filling material deteriorates, the plant should be split or split.
  • It is best to repot epiphytes every year. The best time for repotting is when new roots emerge underlying the growth of the previous year.
  • The dendrobium orchid should have a humidity level of 50 to 70% around it. You need to spray water all over the plant and the substrate to maintain humidity.
  • You can also select the area where the fountain or water flow is available.
  • Once your orchid has finished blooming, use sharp scissors to cut off the flowering stem to encourage regrowth.
  • The crowd of plants can cause problems of insects and fungal infestations.

Dendrobium Melon Red Lip Orchid Plant care

Division of tufts, keikis, posterior bulbs and plants for tissue culture. The potted mix consists of charcoal, broken pieces of brick and tile, coconut shell, and fiber for growing orchids. Foliar application of NPK 20:10:10 at 0.2% weekly to the whole plant and to the ground, starting 30 days after sowing. A mist or an overhead sprinkler should be used to provide water and maintain humidity.

Special feature of Dendrobium Melon Red Lip Orchid

Dendrobium Orchid has showy flowers that are relatively easy to grow, with a long central stalk and a pretty bloom that can last up to four weeks.


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Partial Shade




Soilless potting mix (pH level 7)


20 to 25 °C


Spray any organic fertilizer

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Dendrobium Melon Red Lip

Dendrobium Melon Red Lip Orchid - Seedling

170.00200.00 (-15%)