English Ivy Variegated (Senecio Macroglossus Variegatus) – Plant

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English ivy is an evergreen perennial. Additionally it is labeled as a woody vine. English ivy can act as a floor cover, spreading horizontally. However it is also a climber, due to its aerial rootlets, which permits it to climb to 80 feet high. The plant will ultimately bear insignificant greenish flowers, however it’s grown primarily for its evergreen leaves. On this regard, ivy can be labeled as a foliage plant. The perfect time to plant English ivy is spring. 

Common Name English Ivy
Family Araliaceae
Kingdom Plantae
Difficulty Level Easy

English Ivy Variegated Care

  • Keep the plants in places with medium light, out of direct sunlight.
  • Feed your money plant with organic fertilizers once a month in winter and every two weeks from spring through summer. Also use rotten cow dung when re-potting the plant.
  • Once your Money Plant grows well and thrives, re-pot it in a slightly larger pot as it binds to the roots and growth slows down.


Additional information

Weight 500 g

Natural indirect/artificial bright light




Apply water probably in the morning or evening time.
Do not overwater the plant.

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english ivy variegated

English Ivy Variegated (Senecio Macroglossus Variegatus) - Plant

199.00289.00 (-31%)