Terengganu Cherry – Plant

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Terengganu Cherry trees are often used as decorative trees due to its attractive younger, purple foliage and lengthy, purple inflorescences that turn into vibrant, shiny, red clusters of fruit.

When the fruits are totally grown and have turned a deep crimson, harvest them in groups. Thin, outer skin could be astringent or dry out the mouth if it is too young. With three seeds per fruit, it’s sweet and slightly tangy.

Terengganu Cherry contains dietary fiber, sugar & Vitamin C. It’s also helpful for defense against immune system deficiencies, heart problems, prenatal health issues, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling.

Common Name Terengganu Cherry, Ceri Terengganu, Perupok
Family Sapindaceae
Height 15m
Difficulty Level Moderate

Terengganu Cherry Planting and Care

    • Pick the sunniest spot in your garden and dig a hole 12 inches deep.
    • Prepare the soil with fertilizer before planting the plant.
    • Fertilize the tree with nitrogen fertilizer three times a year.
    • Prune when the tree is four years old to remove weak stems and produce a strong scaffolding of branches.


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Full sunlight




Loamy, alluvial with pH range of 5.5 to 7.5


Cardboard Box (Flexi-Pouch Filled with Cocopeat)

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Terengganu Cherry

Terengganu Cherry - Plant

 1,127.20 1,409.00 (-20%)

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