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The scientific name of Krishna Tulsi is Ocimum Tenuiflorum and is called “Shyama Tulsi”, depending on the colour of Shyama or Krishna, dear God. It is also called “Purple Leaf Tulsi” and is known for its rich and crunchy taste. It consists of purple leaves and dark stems. Although grown in many areas of India, it is harder to find than green varieties. Compared with other types of Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi grows longer. This is believed to be the reason why it tastes more spicy and crispy. The leaves are not as bitter as other varieties.

Common Name Sri Tulasi, Suvasa Tulasi and Tulsi Patra, Ajaka, Albahaca Santa, Bai Gkaprow, Baranda, Basilic Indien, Basilic Sacr, Basilic Sacr, Pourpre, Basilic Saint, Brinda, Green Holy Basil, Hot Basil, Indian Basil, Kala Tulsi, Kemangen, Krishna Tulasi, Tulsa, Manjari, Ocimum sanctum, Ocimum tenuiflorum, Parnasa, Patrapuspha, Red Holy Basil, Sacred Basil, Sacred Purple Basil, Shyama Tulsi
Family Lamiaceae
Height 2 feet
Flower Color Magenta
Bloom Time Throughout Year
Difficulty Level Easy

Krishna Tulsi Planting and care

  • Krishna Tulsi is a tropical plant but doesn’t like direct sunlight anyway, so don’t keep the basil plant in a place with a strong sun.
  • Each leaf has a growth bud, so removing old flower buds encourages the plant to bloom more instead of using energy to make seeds.
  • Clean up any cut debris at the base of rose bushes that can harbor diseases and insects.


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Krishna Tulsi - Seeds

 49.00 55.00 (-11%)